Square Planet

Comic script scenario inspired by this painting by artist Scott Listfield.

Comic script for Pictonaut challenge of January 2015.

A four page comic script that stars an astronaut and a floating pink square. It’s a slightly surreal and vague sci-fi affair and the artist is free to attack it in whatever fashion and whatever style they see fit. Just as long as it’s got colour and an otherworldly feel to it, I’m happy. I mean, the setting is a desolate planet of blue grasses and our clueless character has been guided there by a cosmic pink polygon. Alien weirdness is natural, I suppose.

See the rough layout guide for my envisioned layout and enjoy!


This page is split in half with the top row a triptych of 3 long panels and the bottom a single wide establishing shot.

1 – In this panel we see the astronaut’s head in profile, the clear blue/pink skies behind her. She’s facing to the right of the page and a lone caption sits high up in the panel, overlapping a little with the next panel.

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                               It leads…

2 – In the dead centre of the long panel we see the mysterious pink square. It’s glowing and resplendent, an obscure mystery just hanging in mid-air. The backdrop is plain sky.

3 – Now we’ve pulled back to that the pink square is leading the astronaut down a hill, the square at the lower-left of the panel and the astronaut about halfway down the steep incline. At the top of the rise, just over the peak, we can spy what looks like a small minimalist spacecraft or pod – the astronaut’s means of arriving on this planet. The grass on the ground is an unreal blue and, in the background, the sky is the same (and will remain so the entire comic).  The caption overlaps the centre panel a little, and sits at the bottom of this third panel in the triptych.

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                               I follow…

4 – Wider reveal panel – the astronaut is stood dead centre with the pink square floating above her head (it’s an echo of the inspiral image). The grassland here is completely flat, as far as the eye can see right to the horizon. Two captions are in this panel, the first in the top left and the bottom in the bottom right.

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                               It’s very persuasive… compelling…

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                               … but where is it taking me?


3 rows, 3 single panels for this one. Our figure is gradually moving across the page to the right and she’s following the pink square – suggestive diagonal movement. The pink square is not visible and has moved off-page in the bottom panel. This is a silent page with no captioned dialogue.

1 – The environment is completely flat, the blue grasslands stretching out infinitely and unchanging. The panels of this page are all side-on wide shots, the diminutive figure of the astronaut seen on the left and she’s following the aerial pink square which is in centre of the panel.

2 – Same as above though the astronaut is now positioned in the centre of the panel and the pink square is further on to the right.

3 – Same as the above two panels though the pink square has now disappeared off the right side of the page and can’t be seen. The astronaut herself is stood on the right side of the panel and is reaching out an arm. It’s almost as if she’s calling silently out to the guiding pink shape.


Another panel of 3 rows, though this time the middle row is broken into three equal-sized square panels. The top and bottom row are a single wide panel.

1 – From a low-angle, we’re now behind the astronaut as she looks up to the inscrutable pink square levitating, the blank coloured sky behind. It has come to a stop.

2 – In this square panel we see nothing but the square in mid-air in close-up, though it seems to be glowing with brighter intensity.

3 – Face-on close-up of the astronaut’s helmet and shoulders. She’s looking up expectantly at the square, a visualised question mark hanging over her own head.

4 – We’re back to a close-up of the pink square though it’s now suddenly disappeared, shock lines highlight its abrupt vanishing.

5 – Echoing panel 3, though we’ve now pulled back into a wider shot so we can see more of the wider blue emptiness behind the astronaut. The scene isn’t entirely empty however, as wispy, barely discernible coloured lines squiggle through the aether around her. Two captions – one top left of the frame and one bottom right – express her complete confusion. Something very strange is happening…

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                                   What? Where did it… What’s happening?

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                                   What?


For the last page reveal it’s a full-page spread.

1 – We’re now behind the astronaut again, at a low-angle, looking up with her at a swam of levitating squares. The pink square – returning to visibility in the centre of the page – is now surrounded by legions of nebulous floating quadrilaterals of every different colour and varying sizes. They glow and shimmer and to the dwarfed figure of the astronaut they are absolutely overwhelming. Are they alien life forms? Some kind of hologram? Is this artificial intelligence? A hallucination? Some kind of metaphysical phenomenon or quirk of this particular planet? She doesn’t know – and neither do we – and her utter bewilderment is expressed plainly in the final caption box which sits in the bottom right corner of the page.

ASTRONAUT [CAP]                                  What?

Square Planet Rough Layout

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