Hail Sis! Perma Party Blissness Fux Brill!

Hail Traveller!

Pictonaut challenge story for October 2012.

Yo Sis!

Holy fux! Holy fux um infinit! Yeah feelin it out here an has to hit yo up with fresh com from dis cosmic trip rave! Real sis. Real real. Holy fux I can’t fizz yo up real nuff to scribe how mazin dis trip is!

Out ere we fux pure. No guff. Non of dem worries or trubs. Nuthin to giv fux bout. Pure party. Pure go. No slo boo hoo ho ho. Blissness. Happys all round. We hi. We fux sky hi! We fux sky hi ay ay ay ay! We fux awesumz and fux brill! All time rite time fux yeh!

Sound gud yo? Real sis yo missin out. Cum up next shuttle yo? Is bare grim first off but got so much better. Afta start and settlin um Luna base they gots yo um drugs and putz yo tru Process. Past Process yo fux trippin. Is party den. Is perma party den. Iz fux mazin an fux gloryus!

Moonite life Sis – iz fux mazin! Swear real. Chek da tagd pix of yo bruv livin dis bliss. See? I waves lo. Lux blisshus rite? An das all time fux yeh. Glo stix. Pure beamin. Perma party. Gud beatz an gud times!

Dey make it all gud. Dey in control and make sure dat all iz no trubs. Swear tru – holy fux – dem drugz dey giv uz iz best fux hi evers! Dis stuff – fux mazin! Dis stuff – fux magic! Dis stuff – freakout fux brainblow!

Iz worth hittin dis moon an quittin earthlife just to haz dis stuff – swear tru. Forget dem faithless disbitchez – them terrists gettin upty bout Moonites and Gov spacetrip skeme. Iz bullshit an false trubs. Real sis – fux um. Get um up ere on dis stuff and dem see clear tru. Iz bliss. Fux mazin – iz pure! Cosmix! Iz bliss!

Process is peace yo. Moonite life iz real sweet bliss fux yeh. Um infinite supes over earflife iz moonlife. Fux dat poclyptix mess. Fux all time glumness. Fux poverty. Fux hunger. Fux plution. Fux it all. Dis is new life here Sis. Iz fux mazin. Iz fux blisshus. Real Sis. You shud be here wiv me an livin dis. Iz fux pure! Glo stix! Perma party! Muzikz! Drugz! Fux brill!

Iz time yo bruv waz gon Sis – perma party callz rite? Swear tru – iz fux mazin an dis time an space on lunar base iz best ting everz. Pleez. Cum um up an be a Moonite wiv yo Bruv. Join da perma party. Swear tru dat Process iz da way. Iz fux mazin ere. Iz pure. Earthlife iz all trubs an bare grim poclyptix mess.

Up ere – um fux mazin drugz – we iz fux pure. Perma happys. Blissness. Fux mazin!

Luv! Yo beamin bruv waves lo!

Bruv 😀 X

P.S. Yo bruv also waves lo an givs luv to Scrugz. Missin dat dog – fux real! 😉

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