Blissful Existence Beneath the Meru Mountain Complex, Brought to You By Moksha-Co. International

Pictonaut story inspired by the work ‘Relay’ by Steve Renn

Pictonaut short story effort for April 2014.

Theirs is the blissful existence.

Not seeing. Not hearing. Not smelling, nor tasting nor touching. Nor knowing.

Blissful. The world, all gone. Theirs is another world now and it is a world outside of sensation.

Out of sight. Out of mind. So it is below the Meru Mountain Complex. In the dark cavern chambers fifty miles beneath the surface of the Earth, they rest and meditate.

Theirs is bliss in this sanctuary. The bliss of the sanctuary is brought to them by Moksha-Co. International and the Meru Mountain Complex is the company’s prized site. The activity – or rather, inactivity – that takes place deep beneath its sleek obsidian-and-chrome pagodas remains the company’s most illustrious commercial venture.

Their business is nirvana. And business is good.

Business is so good that there are plans to expand their operations to the Lunar Territory in order to offer clients “a higher level of detachment from worldly affairs”.

Current clients will not mind should an upgraded off-world experience become a reality, too late for them now that they have already committed. They are not aware and will not be aware of the outside world’s advancements and changes.

Theirs is the blissful existence of not knowing. For them, liberation has already been achieved and it is guaranteed that liberation will never end. It’s a company promise encoded in the contractual service agreement and Moksha-Co. International delivers what it promises. They deliver without fail.

There has never been a dissatisfied customer. Discontent, disharmony and all expressions of what the traditional spiritualists termed “dukkha” are what Moksha-Co. International are commissioned to obliterate.

They have mastered their techniques. Their reputation is outstanding. Their standards are of the highest order, their procedures are rigorous and their staff are so specialised and dedicatedly exacting. All who enlist their services get the desired outcome.

Desire, of course, ceases upon the successful attainment of the desired objective. All is lost, and the new resident of the Meru Mountain Complex realises freedom.

Freedom from everything – past, present and future. Freedom from others and freedom from self. Freedom from all the worlds – the real and the imagined. Let go from life, they are in essence lost but re-found in themselves again, though ‘themselves’ they are erased. The experience and realised new reality – the absolute liberation of nirvana.

Absolute, ‘true’ freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Only the affluent and exalted in status could possibly aspire to the blissful existence. Only the affluent and exalted can afford the considerable fees – credit numbers with more zeroes than the majority of the suffering masses could even conceive of.

Popular consensus considers it to be a reasonable price. A price worth paying for absolute freedom.

Believing it, the fortunate make the necessary transactions to Moksha-Co. International’s officials. Property is surrendered. The contracts and disclaimers are signed and sealed, verified with the touch of fingerprints and the scan of the iris.

Into the obsidian lower depths of the Meru Mountain Complex they move, escorted by the last human beings they will ever personally know. The orderlies are pleasant and competent. Their service is swift though not overly hasty.

The path to nirvana is not a rush or a shocking revelation. It is a gentle realisation and it is brought with poise and grace by the most trustworthy and adroit practitioners, all trained especially by Moksha-Co. International.

As they descend into the depths of the complex they leave behind their surface life. The erasure of the client’s existence is simultaneously carried out as they journey further into the Complex. Their identity and all the industry and deeds that enabled them to afford this experience are effaced. The past, all voided.

Avid seekers may occasionally succeed in retrieving small traces of the former political leaders, the regals and aristocrats, the entertainment icons and the enterprise titans who used to dominate the pitiable planet.

Those stray, missed marks are rare exceptions, however. The operatives within Moksha-Co. International’s Information Retrieval and Memory Management Department are lauded as the leaders in their field.

They have erased more history than any other data-handling entity on Earth. They are responsible for most of what has been forgotten. When their work is done, no one would have any idea that the individuals inducted into the caverns of Meru Mount Complex had ever existed.

So it is above, so it is below. As the outside world forgets them, each client too forgets themselves and their past lives as they proceed through the Meru Mount Complex passageways.

They are stripped of their clothes. Their naked skin feels the purified, filtered air that warms and relaxes those who journey through the subterranean realm. Escorted by the staff – chanting harmonious, beatific tones – they pass from chamber to chamber. Step by step, inching ever closer to their ultimate destination and the ultimate, idealised state.

There are several stages and procedures to observe. All are followed through and performed by the staff with the greatest degree of dignity and tenderness. Clients drink deep of the vitalising waters at the Heavenly Fountain. They receive their enema and are conveyed through the depilation and sterilisation machines. They are lowered into the Baths of the Bodhisattva and holistically cleansed before they are dressed for eternal rest.

Bio-monitoring strips and sedative patches are placed upon the skin. The electrodes are positioned on the vital chakra centres and then the cloaks and turbans – all carefully fabricated and threaded from synthetic soma-weave – are wrapped around the body.

Consciousness starts to ebb. The fading is further enhanced as the head devices are fitted and the wires are connected. Blinding Goggles of Pure Sight cover the face. The aural-phones and aerials positioned over the ears possess the individual in the thrumming throb of Forever.

The pulse pounds and pulls the individual in, detaching their mind from all that continued to occupy it. The beat beats and beats and beats on into eternity and all the clients in the warm chamber share in its sweet, undying, unliving song.

They do not know they share it though. They simply sit serenely in indefinite meditation. There they will remain until their physical bodies naturally expire.

When physical death comes to pass, they will, of course, not be aware of it. The body they once owned is no longer theirs and they no longer care for it anyway. They have no sensations. They have no feelings. All they have is the pulsing of the eternal present – nirvana.

When the time is right their forgotten forms are removed and repurposed by the Moksha-Co. International morticians. After the cremation their ashes are sown in the Paradise Gardens that surround Meru Mount Complex and distance it from the chaos and corruption of the world outside the estate’s reaches.

The clients do not remember the day they travelled across the expansive lush garden and left that outside world behind.

They do not remember anything at all.

Theirs is the blissful existence.

Theirs is the blissful non-existence.

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