Newsletters, Blog Brainstorms and Fresh Cyberspace Rituals…

Sisters and brothers! I’m trying a new thing because trying new things is a thing I like to do. The new thing is this: a weekly newsletter/blog-blast powered by the TinyLetter engine. I’ve titled it ‘Cyberspace Ritual‘ and you can visit any time, get access to an archive or -even better – subscribe to join the mailing list. Then you get emails! Yay for getting emails!

Why am I doing this, aside from the novel reason of trying something new? I reckon that a weekly newsletter round-up of things I’ve been creating, thoughts I’ve been having, feelings I’ve been feeling and interesting things I’ve found makes sense. I share and spread all this stuff around various areas of the internet but it’s all very ephemeral and easily lost. By gathering it all in together in one place, I can make it coherent and – what’s more – I can frame and articulate my thoughts properly. I’m not convinced I can do that well on Twitter (noisy stream-of-consciousness and quasi-impossible online fish market) or Facebook (photos and hanging with friends when you’re not hiding from memes). I also feel like this website should be more for writing out long, specific things like straight-up fiction or long essays with a specific point.

I’m also partly influenced by some excellent mailing lists I personally subscribe to and a couple of fine comics writer folk who have mastered this medium (namely Warren Ellis and the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds).  So yeah, that’s that. Head on over and subscribe if you want to get that action. Otherwise, tune in on Tuesdays and I’ll have stuff for you and it will be good stuff. (I hope. Nay! I promise you!)