Gateways to the Many Multicoloured Realms

Here lie the portals to the various places where James Clayton has deposited evidence of his artistry and the products of his imagination…

  • Instagram – On Instagram I’m ‘jamazingclayton’ and there you can find my doodles and arty bits.
  • Twitter – On Twitter I’m ‘@james__clayton’ and I generally tweet absurdism, peace, love and pop culture.
  • James Clayton’s Celestial Squid Ink Slaphand Style – Tumblr site where I deposit sketches, doodles and short comics I draw (basically my Instagram feed, but the images are bigger).
  • Pinterest Boards – the place where I collect images and visual wonders for personal inspiration or amusement. I’m all about awesome visuals.
  • Den of Geek columns – I used to contribute to the Den of Geek website and write great big gushy rambles about film, popcorn philosophy and how beautiful Pacific Rim is. You can read ’em all here.

Other writey bits can be found around this site and here are some really old projects that I’ve moved on from and am probably deeply ashamed of…

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  1. Roll and Write: The Pep Hotstreak Hot Streak Dicewriting Experiment… | ENTER... JAMES CLAYTON


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