2015: The Year Fantastical…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2015 and we are in the future and we are so terribly excited. First of all, Happy New Year to you reading this. I’m wishing you all the best and hoping that your 2015 is a wonderful one of good health, happiness, love and discovery.

Hooray for 2015, then. I’m really looking forward to this and I’m happy to be in this. It’s started pretty well so far and I aim to keep momentum going on an upward trajectory (because altogether 2014 wasn’t bad as far as things go). I don’t have a list of resolutions because that list would be way too long and probably impossible to achieve so I’m running with simple, straightforward determination to just be better, be happy and be alive. I’ve got an idea that if things get bleak or downbeat, I’m going to look myself in all my eyes (left, right and mind’s eye) and shout “BE JAMAZING!” and then I’ll be good (nay, great) to go and turn things down-upside for the positive and fantastical. Feel free to drink my special juice that is not Kool-Aid but has a similar effect and represents the same thing in this metaphor. *Quaffs a lot* 2015! YEAH! WOOHOO! WE’RE GONNA ROCK AND BE OH SO EXCELLENT!

Yeah! Let’s go. Happy New Year to you and here’s to the Year Fantastical: 2015… 😀

2015: Hail to the Year Fantastical…

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