The Working Barbarian Rises…

The Working Barbarian Rises again and so I doodled some timely fan-art…

Holy hot dragon halitosis! It returns! The great, bloody, sprawling, astonishingly-compelling fantasy epic is back! Oh, and the new season of Game of Thrones has started as well but, please, don’t talk about that. I have not the means to access this glorious thing until a later date and have appropriately erected my filters and advanced spoiler protection system (it’s a 700-foot high wall made of ice, stone and magic). Still, I’m not convinced that it’s strong enough so I may go into hiding and exile across myself the Narrow Sea, only to return when I’ve read the original books and allowed my dragons chance to mature. Yeah, maybe…

Anyway, to fantasy fiction I can talk about and that I am actually involved in – The Life and Times of the Working Barbarian. After a winter break, Saga-Father Magus John of Steele has declared its time to thaw out the tale and pick up the perishing plot threads. The crowdsourced collaborative adventure will continue and it will continue by bringing you the climactic boss battle we promised before the break.

You may have trouble remembering that or not remember it at all. In fact, you may not recall any of this or have any familiarity with this thing of which I speak and are now asking “Che cosa? What is this Working Barbarian? I am confused and clueless and do beseech thee! Enlighten me!” Okay, that I can do and that I have done. Before we proceed with the adventure, let us take you back with a brief catch-up-slash-primer…

You can, of course, get up to date with the story so far by reading each individual episode. If you lack the time and inclination, however, the recap-o-rama I wrote is a handy aid that’ll set you up nicely for the much-anticipated restart. I hope you enjoy it. Go forth and embrace the Barbarian adventure

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