Alternate Reality News Newsletter Edition Hot Off the Press…

Here’s news, readers: in just under a fortnight, Meanwhile, in an alternate reality… Plus! will finish its run. The expanded, timequake edition of the parallel universe news service I started up in August 2012 will be hitting the 222 bulletins mark and that’s when the original ended its daily updates. There will therefore be no more alternate reality news updates for my timequake-affected different-dimension self to elaborate upon. Consequently, finito. I will reflect upon this and deal with all the ambivalent feelings in due time. (I’m going to have all the feelings when I have to let this source of endless enjoyment go again. Really, I love my alternate reality news and think I might need some grieving time.)

For now though, here’s some news related to the alternate reality news and, indeed, newspapers: you – yes you! – can now celebrate the soon-to-disappear service by getting your hands on a copy of the newsletter edition I cobbled together in the autumn. Newspaper Club – the  excellent print operation that enables people to print their own newspapers – have set up a new newsagent service. Regular folk can now, in effect, become minor newspaper barons and directly sell their publications online. Thus, the newsletter edition I knocked up is now available to buy for £3.50 in my own news store.

It’s only 4 pages long but it has value as a nice souvenir that fans of the blog can touch and smell. I don’t intend to stop with that short, experimental brand-extension exercise though, for I have further plans to produce more newspapers. I’ve got a lot of warm nostalgia for the age when I worked as a sub-editor on a university newspaper and probably enjoy print media more than online magazines and journals. Because I’m old-school like that and because making newspapers is fun I’ll be endeavouring to work up fresh print projects in the future (probably when I’m no longer distracted by the pressing affairs of alternate realities). Exciting things are on the horizon and will be available for you to purchase and hold in your hands and then use to line your kitty litter tray. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Meanwhile, in an alternate reality…’ while its still here and, by all means, buy a copy of the first newsletter edition if you wish…

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