‘Twas the Blogpost Before Christmas…

The final window on my Magical Christmas Artefacts Advent Calendar – the Star of Wonder…

Hark! ‘Tis Christmas Eve, and that means it’s time to tune out and kind of get into the ‘Christmas Holiday Shutdown’ mindset. ‘Tis time to say “Ah, fuhgeddaboutit” to everything and just focus all energies on celebrating the celebration. Everything else can rest – now I’m mainly interested in spending a few days enjoying the weird limbo period where time and space disintegrate and you just kind of ‘Be Christmassy’. And I have been very Christmassy these past few weeks so this is the point where I reach the zenith of my ‘Be Christmassyness’.

So, yes, Hark! I’m off to spend quality time in the semi-quiet with my blood brethren, some sprouts, some books and a stack of movies. I’m also going to do some wistful reflection and meditate on what it all means, what life’s all about and contemplate my New Year Revolutions.

‘Tis the season to do those things and not the season to be ultra-wired up to the web so, yes, I’m off. Several daily Alternate Reality News bulletins will be published because news never stops but aside from that, for the most part I’m going to be avoiding the internet and lots of (anti)social media engagement. I will therefore now depart these cyber-realms and leave you (whoever you are) with a  link to my Magical Christmas Artefacts Advent Calendar (the final piece being the Star of Wonder, up above guiding shepherds, magi and other assorted characters towards a Christmas miracle) and my Christmas Den of Geek column.

Family and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future are calling for me and the Christmas tree is pining for company (it wants to start a sing-a-long) so, yeah, I’m off to enjoy my holly jolly holiday. To all of you passing by these parts, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope that it’s a great one no matter where you are wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing, it’s a great one.

And this is the point where Tiny Tim says “God bless us! Every one!” and where angels get their wings. Awww, Christmas!

Yay Christmas!

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