Come Find Me at Thought Bubble Comic Convention…

Pa-zow comics people! The Thought Bubble comics convention is hitting Leeds this weekend and I’m going to be there. I’m going to be there as an exhibitor (because I’m a repressed exhibitionist) on Table 105 in the Allied London Hall. That’s on the map below so please do come and see me to say hello, show off you amazing cosplay efforts and maybe take a look at stuff I’ll have to hand.

Things I will have to hand and available to buy will be the first newsletter edition of Alternate Reality News and some new horror Christmas cards that have nightamarish Lovecraftian dread angels on them (because some people like that kind of thing, right?). Plus I’ve got old stuff like the Subspace Radio Marriage zine and some postcards and prints though the most bitchin’ bits I’ve got to give away are my free calling cards (I’m loath to use the term ‘business cards’).

Things I've doodled that look a bit like this will be available...

Things I’ve doodled that look a bit like this will be available…

If you don’t see me at my table in the Allied London Hall you’ll probably find me wandering around the Royal Armouries and New Dock Hall soaking up the  atmosphere, spending small fortunes on comics and prints and generally trying not to be too starstruck around artists and writers I really admire. When I’m doing that you’ll probably find ace artist/environmental scientist Chris Fairless manning my stall and he’s lovely, so make sure you say hello to him.

To round-up then, I’m all psyched up and ready to adventure over the Pennines for Britain’s biggest comics party. Saturday and Sunday in Leeds is gonna be a good time and I’ll be hanging around. Say hey, and yay for comics!


I'm at Table 105 in the Allied London Hall.

I’m at Table 105 in the Allied London Hall.

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