Call If You Want Christmas Correspondence…

Yo ho ho, whoa no now! Christmas is coming closer. It’s just a shade under six weeks away and there are decorations in shopping centres and weather is chilly. I’d say that talk of Christmas is still premature but I’m going to commit that crime because I’ve got festive things to plan and can’t ignore the winterish bite in the air.

I feel a strange urge to go out and buy a kitschy jumper. I’ve also started to get that urge of wanting to make stuff and send things to people. Forget the yearning for ironic woolwear. Let’s unravel with the latter urge…

Here how I roll when the festive season rolls around: my favourite thing about the yule period is writing Christmas cards. That’s how I get my pre-Christmas kicks in the bleak mid-early-winter. Christmas is all about giving and I only really enjoy it as a celebration of giving. The giving is definitely better than the receiving. I also rate Christmas as a time to really concentrate on spreading joy, celebrating human life and just everybody being ‘good people’.  (And all people are ‘good people’ – it’s just a lot of people get distracted, y’know?)

All I have to offer is some creative zest and willingness to try to be ‘good people’ by sending nice things to ‘good people’. I don’t like the idea of the Christmas card tradition going extinct just because we have text messaging, email, Twit-uh-huh and the Matrix Fakebook. Where’s the fun in sending tokenistic yuletide salutations via those cyberspace platforms? It’s more fun handwriting Christmas cards, doodling over bits of paper and tripping down off to the post office with them all. For old time’s sake and to spread some festive cheer, I take great pleasure in producing Christmas correspondence and I’ll be doing that in coming weeks.

The point of this premature post then is this – say hello if you’d like to get something from me in the post. It’s an open offer to anyone and everyone – if you want a personalised festive letter and some other hand-inked thingies and random bits in a jiffy bag just let me know and I’ll add you to the list and get your address down (Just for the postage – not for stalking or other nefarious persons because that is not what ‘good people’ do). If I know you on Twitter or Facebook send me a message or you can send me an email ( It doesn’t matter if we don’t know each other – I like you anyway and I want to send you Christmas correspondence…

I apologise for talking about Christmas when it’s too early to be talking about Christmas – I just wanted to flag it up in advance so I can be prepared and am not posting things that will only arrive in 2014. Say hello if you want me to send you stuff and, for now, just go about being good people and we’ll really get it on with full-throttle festive cheer in December…

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