Flagging Up Friday Film Features…

It’s Friday and Friday was of course named after the God of Glorious Madness, Dwight Frye. (Behold his brilliance and hail him!)

Friday is also the day that the very excellent people at Den of Geek publish my ramblings about movies. Every week you can find a fresh column written by me, all of them aiming to explore topical issues in cinema and/or irreverently riff on new releases.

I hope they stimulate people and give film fans a moment’s entertainment or something of interest to read and ruminate upon. I raise them today in case anyone coming by this site isn’t aware of the column. I also figure it’s a good time to flag it up in a proper blogpost because the message of today’s article is particularly important and I want to hammer it home and make folk think “Hey! Maybe I should listen to that guy and adopt his perspective and approach to this astounding artform!“. That message is “Don’t watch trailers because they wreck the cinema experience!” It’s all explained in this week’s Den of Geek column, so go forth and find it there if you’re interested.

And that’s all I have to say for another Friday (he says as he goes back to writing several Friday columns at once). I encourage you to enjoy your weekend, enjoy the myriad marvels of Den of Geek and enjoy the heck out of movies (Writing these columns is great because it allows me to express my passion for the movies and possibly makes me enjoy the medium all the more).

Oh, and enjoy this trailer – the only trailer that gets my seal of approval. *Laughs like Dwight Frye…*

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  1. Dusty abell

     /  November 9, 2013

    James, I gave up trailers too, the one that finally convinced me to give them up was the god awful one for Prometheus! Not only like every trailer I can think of did it give away almost every surprise in the film, it did it CHRONOLOGICALLY!!! They showed the Alien ship falling out of the sky, crashing to the ground and preceding to fall on the two female leads of the picture………. THE ENTIRE ENDING OF THE FILM! That was the straw, i couldnt believe it! Since then i went cold turkey. I’ve avoided trailers on TV, in the theaters I keep my head down and just listen, which I’d recommend to anyone, you get just enough information that way and I definitely avoid the Internet teaser trailers, as much of a “water cooler event” as they are at work and so on, I feel I’m getting a much truer movie going experience. I didn’t know what to expect going into the Hobbit visually and that was a blast! As far as Gravity went, I knew it was someone in jeopardy in orbit and who the actors were, that was it………MIND BLOWN on that one! As hard as it will be, I’m going to stick to my guns even when the first Star Wars one rolls around, and that will be hard, but I think in the long run worth it. I enjoyed your article and couldn’t agree more with it, just wanted to let you know there’s others out here that share the same outlook on watching film previews and trailers. Take care, Dusty.

    • Thanks Dusty! Glad you enjoyed the column and agree. I had the same thing with all of your examples – Gravity, The Hobbit and I even managed to avoid all the Prometheus stuff as well. I went back and got a huge kick out of the viral stunts (the David 8 commercial and the Weyland TED talk) after seeing the film. I understand the thrill of getting excited, getting tantalising first hints and being a part of conversation but I’d rather give it a miss for the end effect. It’s so worth it, every time.

      I’ll be sticking to my guns (handy blasters, kid) when Star Wars comes around. I don’t even think I’ll be looking at promo photos or anything. As cold as possible to preserve the magic – keep it up and thanks for reading! 😀



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