Pictonaut Short Story Challenge: ‘Masha & Pobeda’s Interstellar Ultra-Cosmic Submarine Adventures’…

It’s almost the end of the month and that means it’s high time I filed my monthly Pictonaut challenge piece. It’s been hanging around in my notepad in extra-rough form for way too long anyway so, yes, here it is word processed and put up on the internet for other people to see if they wish to see it.

This is how it rolls: every month His Supreme Eminency Meister John Steele picks a picture and urges writers to conjure up a short story inspired by the image. I seize that challenge and see what I can come up with. For October’s effort, I had to work out what to do with a submarine that has somehow found itself in outer space…

Submarine in space image by Dmitry Maximov.

Thinking on this image by Russian artist Dmitry Maximov I started to feel the fingers of the Cold War coming out of the past. I also had questions: how did the sub get into orbit? What do you do with a submarine once it has reached outer space? Who would be commandeering this thing?

A submarine in space strikes me as an absurd proposition that should be fun. I decided that it needed to be extremely silly and as my ideas came together I found that I had a ludicrous concept sprawled out in ink across several notebook pages. Those notes have been blasted up into a freewheeling pitch-cum-script treatment for the pilot episode of a children’s TV series that will never get made. Still, it’s fun to go on creative imagination trips like this and that is the joy of writing and the reason that challenges like Pictonaut are worth a go.

Regardless, I’ll leave you to read it for yourself. It’s rougher than a ride through the Kuiper Belt on the back of a moped but, still, it may entertain you. It may also have potential to become a cult TV sensation either as a live-action series or as a cartoon if there’s no special effects budget to work with.

My Pictonaut challenge effort for October is ‘Masha & Pobeda’s Interstellar Ultra-Cosmic Submarine Adventures‘. Talking dog; girl with telekinetic powers; Soviet atomic sub going through a transdimensional portal. If these things pique your interest, please read on…

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