Adventuring on into Unnerving Unknowns with the Working Barbarian…

What is best in life? Tales of high adventure and that is what The Life and Times of the Working Barbarian gives you and is all about. The crowd-sourced fantasy saga advances ever onward and the latest instalment – the 15th part, titled ‘Unsure and Obscure’ – has been written by me. I urge you to go and read that, because when you’ve finished reading it you get a choice and your choice affects the way the story unravels in the future. That means you have Power. Yes, you: Power. Strip down, raise your sword, feel the lightning and scream “BY CROM! I HAVE THE POWER!”

You feelin’ that primal barbarian thrill right? If you’ve fallen behind or need to familiarise yourself with the story thus far, here’s a handy chapter breakdown page. Immersing yourself in fantasy fiction is so much fun (It’s what is best in life) and I get huge enjoyment out of the challenge of writing for The Working Barbarian. Honestly, it’s a gleeful, ultra-visceral typing-frenzy freakout soundtracked by The Sword is what the creative process for this thing is. Here you can find a horde of hot-wit writer heroes creating worlds and mythologies, simultaneously crafting a careful narrative that’s got to consistently stick to the rules and plot elements that others have already written.

As I said, it’s fun. Go forth and be a part of it, mighty warrior of the Web Wastelands. Enjoy my most recent addition to the adventure, and enjoy the Power

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