Pictonaut Short Story Challenge: ‘Crone Calls’…

When the hurlyburly’s done (actually never done. The hurly burly is never done) I get down to the gettin’ down and have a crack at writing a short story set to a specific image someone else selected. Every month the pre-eminent-and-most-excellent John Steele sets the Pictonaut challenge and picks an image to inspire some wordmongering. I like this impetus, take up the objective every time and urge other people to have a go if they getchance. It’s good for you (scientific tests and additional testomonies pending).

Behold: this month’s Pictonaut – the 25th consecutive monthly Pictonaut whoop whoop! –  comes in the crinkled shape of this babooshka…


I like her. How do you adapt her into a piece of short fiction? Looking at her I got a feeling of witchcraft. I like witchcraft. I studied medieval witchcraft a bit at university. Witches and witchy practice excite me. Admittedly, the photograph is of an old woman at the Yemeni anti-government protests of 2011 and we’re being pretty cruel calling her a “crone”. Crones don’t necessarily have anything to do with magic so I hope that this doesn’t offend the subject of this photograph. I thus, devote this tale, to the people of Yemen and offer my arms (my upper-body limbs, not my AK-47s) in friendship.  I also offer my friendship to the witch community. And with that, let’s get back to the Crone story at hand…

I’m always up for historical supernatural shenanigans but an idea came to made that didn’t follow that line. Sticking with this stubborn idea, I tried to develop it a number of ways but ended up logging it as a monologue. What follows is that monologue and it’s titled ‘Crone Calls’. I hope you enjoy it or find something stimulating in it. While you read that I’m going to get back to working up some different magicks and handling all this hurlyburly…


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