Come Together to Create Comics Magick…


Those were comic book sound effects. I like comic book sound effects. I like writing ’em though, to be honest, I don’t write ’em that often because the comic scenarios I script up tend not to call for them. I should write ’em more often. KRAKOOM! Oh, that felt pretty good…

SWISH-WHIP! Yes, comics and comics energy is on my mind right now as I gather my materials and plans for the Thought Bubble convention in November. I’m currently working on getting stuff ready in time to showcase at the event. What I’d also like to do, if possible, is turnaround some of these short comic scripts I’ve written into actual fully drawn pieces for print and release.

I love writing comic scripts and have a fair few of different tone, styles and genre lying around. (I may start just posting a few up for all to see as an open exhibition/invite.) Scripting up these stories gives you the biggest thrill but then the inevitable comedown arrives when you finish them and find yourself asking, “So, will anybody ever actually draw this?” I want to make that answer: “Yes they will and yes they have done and yes go write more!” Writing! Drawing! Comics! These things make us happy! Pa-zow!

I’m always open to collaboration and am keen to share them with artists who can draw better than myself in hope that we can turn my manuscripts into manifest graphic works. This, then, is basically a rallying call blogpost shout out to scream into the void “Hey! Who wants to play with me? Any of you ultra-gifted art-mages wanna make comics magick with me?

Thought Bubble is two months away so if anybody is up for the challenge of arting up very, very short comic one-shots, give me a shout. It might potentially be a lot of fun – the kind of fun that you have to punctuate with exuberant sound effects like “BUZZZUUUMPFF!” OR “PHWAAWUUUUSH!” Then we show comics to people and hopefully people enjoy comics and then we all feed off each other’s creative energies and then it radiates, transmogrifies and then, oh my Drokk, we’re all alight and aglow as our hearts burn with the beautiful pure fire of the original essential spirit of the Universe that we’ve tapped into and it grows and ascends and surges white-hot and resplendent and beats beatifically and then we all simultaneously explode…


(Yes. It could be that awesome…)

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