Fight! Fight! Fight! RoboCop vs Timecop…

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! RoboCop vs Timecop

RoboCop vs Timecop

I like time travel, I like sci-fi action movies and I like writing fantastical martial arts violence. All these things came together and ended up taking form in another fan fiction escapade I wrote for Andrew Blair‘s sublime and ridiculous blog of pop cultural carnage.

This week’s fresh edition of Fight! Fight! Fight! is RoboCop vs Timecop (a.k.a. Peter Weller’s Officer Alex J. Murphy vs Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Max Walker). It has time travel. It has action. It has subversive undercurrents critiquing capitalist culture. It has deep and profound points about the way that life can change in a single moment of shocking violence.

Life. Death. Destiny. Deep and disturbing…

And if that time travel trip is too distressing and violent for your tastes you can fly on over to Den of Geek and read my most recent Friday column which is all about the romance of time travel.

Oh, time travel! It’s fantastic! It’s beautiful! It touches me on many levels, bruises me all over and brings tears to my eyes!

Well, yes it does, yes it has and yes it will. Feel free to read and join me and have fun with these things I find fascinating…

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