The End of August and #DrawingAugust Draws to a Close…

Today is both Caligula‘s birthday and the last day of August. I’m going to celebrate the 2001st anniversary of the 3rd Roman Emperor’s birth in appropriate fashion later but, for now, I’d like to talk briefly about August ending. With the month coming to a close it means that the #DrawingAugust challenge (or ‘Drawing August challenge’ if hashtags hurt your feelings) is, likewise, over and done with.

To recap, every day for the past 31 days I’ve been spending a little bit of time making a sketchy-doodle mini-narrative combining a simple image and some handwritten scrawl. The results are posted all over my ‘art’ blog if you’re interested though they are nothing compared to the mass of masterpieces produced by other ‘proper’ artists. Ian Gordon Craig has been collecting them on a Pinterest board and it’s well worth a look to see the wide array of styles, skills and inspired artwork of very different people.

Even though I don’t rate my output at all it’s been fun to scribble around and conjure up some fresh original creations on a constant basis. I’ve got fresh story ideas, characters and concepts to expand upon. I’ve also cleaned off some drawing rust and got a galvanising shot of “yeah, practice more” impetus which is a bonus.

The crucial point of the exercise, though, is this: constant focused, forced creativity is a good thing that keeps your imagination working and exercises your metaphorical creative muscles. It helps generate ideas, keeps you in ‘the flow’ and makes you happy (you want to be happy, right?). This is why I write every day and keep up stuff like the alternate reality news blog – ensure that there’s everyday enjoyment, fantastical thinking and creative action in life. Without it you’re liable to atrophy and feel your energies and essential enthusiasm draining elsewhere.

You can find creative advice and motivational aphorisms elsewhere so I’ll spare you the preaching. I’ll instead leave you to the last day of August with a time-themed #DrawingAugust piece that I spawned on Day 6 and a salute to all the artists who took part and worked up amazing illustrations and paintings during the past month. Every day inspiration! Every day art! Every day is excellent with these things!

Now, on to Autumn… (the time period in which we attempt to recover from the deranged excess of Caligula’s birthday party…)

August 6th – Time’s Terrifying Tendrils

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