Timequakes and Tremendous Insight into the Current Affairs of Alternate Realities…

On 28th August 2012, James Clayton (me?) opened up his alternate reality news service. He reported the happenings of parallel realities in this reality and pushed out the headlines on the ‘Meanwhile, in an alternate reality…’ blog and on his Twitter feed. It was fun, it was interesting and it lasted for exactly 222 days until the Cosmic Will told him, “Okay, brother, enough of this for now…

Today, in an alternate reality, James Clayton (an alternate reality James Clayton. Not me? But how much of me is he? How much of he is me?) has experienced a timequake. In that universe time has slipped back a year and everyone in that timestream is going to have to relive the past 12 months all over again. While he’s there he might as well do something constructive. He has thus decided that he’s going to find out more about the alternate realities he gained snippets of insight into and provide further context, analysis and additional in-depth reportage to accompany the daily headlines we’ve already seen.

I (me, or at least I think this is me) will then publish what he sends via special psychic connection on a fresh-but-reassuringly-familiar blog. If you liked ‘Meanwhile, in an alternate reality…’ chances are you’ll like ‘Meanwhile, in an alternate reality… Plus!’ There are some awesome mindblowing parallel dimensions out there and fascinating things are occurring in them. I’d love to share them with you and find it way better than getting bogged down in the mainstream news of this reality which seems to tend towards the bleak, cynical, dubious and/or frivolous.

For a fresh alternative, join me in exploring the affairs of alternate realities. Oh, and spare a thought for your alternate reality self who’s been hit by a timequake and has to go through the past 12 months all over…

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