Roll and Write: The Pep Hotstreak Hot Streak Dicewriting Experiment…

I like writing, creatively experimenting and adding to my extensive collection of side-blogs. Thus, I’ve started knocking up a fresh writing thing and it is this:  The Pep Hotstreak Hot Streak.

It’s not anything special (then again, how do you work out what’s ‘special’ and what’s ‘not special’?) but what it is is fun and fruitful. Basically, to sum up, it’s me typing out an unplanned, unedited, silly spontaneous, free-flowing yarn based entirely around a character called Pep Hotstreak. It’s written in the style of a chooseable path adventure book, because with the Working Barbarian and Ryan North’s ‘To Be or Not to Be?’ I’m into that sort of thing at the moment. A key thing about this story, however, is that readers don’t decide where the tale turns next. I don’t even really get to decide, even though I present myself possible choices and take great pleasure in making them as absurd. The next move – and the subsequent plot progression I then have to write – is dictated by the roll of a die.

This makes writing even more of an exhilarating wild mystery trip. I have no idea where I’m going and the challenge is to keep imagining up fresh stuff and spin the tale on on the fly according to the whims of fate, chance, the unfurling of the Cosmic Will or whatever you believe controls the Universe’s unfurling. It’s also an excellent thing to repeatedly hop back to when I need to get my fingers and brain moving. My aim is not to write anything really worthy or logical – my aim is to play with myself and perk myself up when I need inspiration or typing or thinking warm-up activity. It’s an ideas and creative energy generator and it’s also, as I say, an enjoyable distraction. Writing fantastical stories is the most enjoyable distraction available to us.

I really like dicewriting as an alternative method of making stuff up. I will keep adding to the streaky sprawling scrawl as is my wont and will occasionally flag it up to say “Whoa! Pep Hotstreak has been in some very surprising and unexpected places!” You may enjoy it or find it quite fascinating so feel free to head over to the site and consider my imaginative experiment. Alternatively, why not find a die and try rolling out some writing options yourself?

(This is the point where you do get to make a choice. Cherish your freewill and creative abilities…)

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