Fight! Fight! Fight! Sheer Khan, Pure Khanage…

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Khan vs. Khan

Khan vs. Khan


It’s time for ultraviolence and tawdry fan-fiction again, friends. I’ve been doing terrible things to Star Trek again on Andrew Blair‘s sublime and exhilarating Fight! Fight! Fight! blog and this week’s battle gives the internet what it most desires and answers one of the most vital questions floating around in the aftermath of the new Trek movie’s release…

Who would win in a battle between Khan (Ricardo Montalbán, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan) and Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek Into Darkness)?

I investigated and scripted up the hypothetical confrontation between the two superhumans who are one and the same. I hope you enjoy the results and, as always, I recommend the Fight! Fight! Fight! blog as a fantastical fun cyberspace-place to spend time getting sadistic geek kicks.

“KHAAAAAAAAAAAANN!” Phew. I’m glad I got that out of my system…

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