Pictonaut Short Story Challenge: ‘Pegasus Faces Planet Chimera’…

It’s that time of th’month again: time to ponder on a picture, power up some possible plots and package one up into a short piece for the Pictonaut challenge. Here’s how it runs: Major John (he’s taken his protein pills and put his helmet on) radios ground control after he’s picked an evocative image and then urges the internet to be inspired and write a short story based on it. Every month I see what Major Steele has stuck up and spawn something. It’s a fun creative exercise and I encourage you to do likewise before August is over. The picture chosen for this 1/12th is the following piece by the amazing artist Daren Horley

Daren Horley takes us on a voyage to the planets…

Stellar. The call is for sci-fi space tales and I am into sci-fi space tales. I am also interested in mythology and twisting ancient folklore – say, Greek myth – into new settings. I have thus written something that emphasises the ‘fiction’ bit over the ‘science’ bit in ‘science fiction’ (though I dispute the label ‘fiction’ because everything is true). It doesn’t stand up at all scientifically so please forget the laws of physics when you read this (I’m pretty sure I’ve just produced an impossible anti-science abomination). In fact, it possibly doesn’t stand up at all and may simply be a weak, awkward slapdash spacecraft-crash of a thing. I don’t know. I just came here in search of space, in search of a fast-and-loose writing exercise, in search of ways to reweave old stories in alternative style.

This month’s short-and-quickfire Pictonaut effort is titled Pegasus Faces Planet Chimera and I hope you find it semi-enjoyable and/or interesting. You can read it here…

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