August is On, August Art is On…

Hey, August has Augusted! It’s the most august of months! Hail to the swansong of summer and all squeeze out every last drop of sunshine before we descend into autumn’s dark abyss!

On an artistic front, 1st August means that #DrawingAugust (or ‘Drawing August’ if you don’t like hashtags) is go. Every day I’m going to make sure I produce a sketch and stick it up on my sketchy blog. They’re all going to be simplistic doodles of something backed with scratchy text bits resembling some kind of narrative. I started today with an occult white rabbit. Saying “White Rabbit” at the beginning of a new month is an irrational superstition I tend to follow (but I don’t even believe in luck so why do I do that?) and I decided that she should be a cult leader conducting arcane rituals. This is a different rabbit hole, Alice. Please, pick out a robe and join us in the circle…

Beyond the same kind of format, I don’t know what I’m going to be drawing or if they’re going to be any ‘good’. It could be interesting and it’s a guarantee that the art other people will be creating will be amazing. Keep an eye out for #DrawingAugust and here’s to an excellent last month of summer!

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