Working on the Working Barbarian, the Saga Moves Ever Onward…

There’s Jala, Freya, Marek the Stoat and there’s now a Star Witch called Kru. There’s also the question of whether it’s a good idea to trust said Star Witch and ascertain details of our hero’s destiny and readers decided, “By the Twelve Hells, yes! Trust her and show us destiny!” That was my job. I wrote that episode and it constitutes Part 9 of The Life and Times of the Working Barbarian (actually, we’re dealing with epic material so it should be written as ‘Part IX’ or ‘Part the Ninth’).

I’ve taken my turn and now it’s up to you, dear reader, to use your voting powers to influence the unfolding adventure. Then another writer – and they are all excellent writers – will act according to the outcome and take this tale forward towards the destinies that I’ve hinted at. If you’re new to the story, fear not for it’s still early days and you can quickly catch up.

Go forth then, intrepid and wily warrior in the cyber-realms, and consider The Working Barbarian. Then you can have your say and shape the fate of the characters we’re writing. I hope you enjoy my latest contribution and I hope you choose wisely…

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