Squiggly Squid Sketchings, Fresh Tentacle Ink Thrashings…

Cock-a-doodle doo, space chickens! (In the dystopian future you are all going to be space chickens. It’s a clucking awful future.)

Here’s some fresh action: I took a feng shui swipe at my old Tumblr art blog and cleaned it up for a bit of a reboot. I used to do a lot of doodling then scaled back from the sketching and didn’t do very much (I’m a writer really and my pencil skills are amateurish). Recently though I’ve been drawing more and I’ve committed to a daily art challenge for August so I figured a blog overhaul was due.

In keeping with the vague kung fu/chopsocky movie theme of all these sites I’m maintaining I’ve called the freshened up site ‘James Clayton’s Celestial Squid Ink Slaphand Style‘ because all my artistic martial arts moves are influenced by and adapted from the form of the cosmic cuttlefish. (She/he/it is destined to liberate us from space chicken state in a far distant epoch.)

There will be photos – because scanning and photoshopping and all that jazz is time-consuming and frustrating – of my rough sketches, comics and doodly suchlikes. I’ll also put up my #DrawingAugust entries. I have some bad ideas. I have inept drawing abilities. Combine the two and you get something, erm, potentially interesting…

Anyhoodle, doodle do, I hope you enjoy the doodly doodle that I do do and deposit in that section of cyberspace I’m directing you to

Here’s a comic strip about sowing macabre seeds…

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  1. August is On, August Art is On… | ENTER... JAMES CLAYTON


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