Pictonaut Short Story Challenge: ‘Sea of Gold’/’Infinite Aurous Ocean’…

Avast ye! It’s high time we fabricated some fictions, says I. Here then is some fresh fiction that might float your boat. It’s a period piece for July’s Pictonaut challenge and, even if it isn’t gold standard, it’s got a lot of gold in it. In fact, it’s got an infinite ocean of gold in it.

To recap, the Pictonaut Challenge is hosted by the High Storymancer John Steele and every month he picks an evocative image and urges writers to craft a tale out of it. This month’s picture is a caravel sailing through a dune sea…

Sailing on a golden sea…

It suggests many possible stories. Ultimately, instead of seeing a boat in a desert I came to the impression that this image is, in fact, a ship in a sea of gold. I decided to dredge up history and channel some Aguirre, the Wrath of God mania to make it about Conquistadors having a mystical miracle experience. I also wanted to use the word “aurous” because the word “aurous” is a nice word.

There’s still time before August arrives with a new challenge so I’d urge others to have a crack at the creative exercise. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy/endure the fresh wordascope fiction effort I’ve knocked up. It’s generic, bland mass-market re-title is ‘Sea of Gold‘ but because I’m in a mystical mood and like interesting monikers it’s alternate title is ‘Infinite Aurous Ocean‘ or ‘The Golden Miracle Experience of the María Felicísima‘…

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