Return of the Exile…

Hey ragazzi! What’s the action?

Yeah, I’m back from Italian exile and wired up to t’interwebs again and oh my Delirium I am all kinds of crazy excited. Maybe it’s static electricity and telekinetic energies surging out of my laptop keyboard (oh, my Precious I’ve missed your touch). Maybe my mind has been scorched by high temperatures and solar rays. Maybe it’s all this tea I’ve been mainlining since returning to bleak Britain at midnight last night. Whatever. I’m back, I had a blast and I’m psyched to rock ‘n’ roll after a revitalising working/culture vulturing break away.

There will be rock ‘n’ roll forthcoming but for the moment while I get back into the groove here’s a round-up catch-up post pointing anyone interested in the direction of stuff that I wrote that appeared on the internet while I was absent from it.

Fancy a couple of Den of Geek columns? Here’s a laundry list of things you can do to prepare for the bodybuilder crime flick Pain & Gain and a piece in praise of Joss Whedon and Shakespeare, noting a few great screen adaptations of the Bard’s plays.

Want pop-cultural violence? I scripted up a pair of Fight! Fight! Fight! episodes for your vicarious sadistic kicks and I hope you enjoy Tribbles vs Troll Dolls and Greedo vs Satipo.

Aside from that, I know that while I’ve been out of the loop the god-like geniuses of cyberspace have been continuing to work wondrous magicks on the web. I’ve got to get up-to-date on but I do know that other Fight! Fight! Fight! fights have been brawling in brilliant fashion and that the crowdsourced collaborative saga of The Working Barbarian has been getting really interesting. Sir John of Steele has also been drumming up fresh Pictonaut activity and no doubt a whole lot of other high-calibre creative stuff has been coming out of cool people I respect and admire that I am not yet aware of.

I’ve got to catch up on all this stuff, catch up on movies, possibly catch up on some sleep, catch up with people and sort through photos and suchlike. I’m doing this all in a state of Delirium, high on actually decent tea, the sunshine I’ve absorbed and the exhilaration at getting back to creative action now I’m home again and hooked up to my techno-techno powers.

Bear with me a bit while I sync it all up. For now, here’s a silly photo of me in stocks at a medieval festa in the town of Porto Venere…

Stock Photo

Stock Photo

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  1. Anonymous

     /  July 3, 2013

    Stock photo…

    The pun, oh god the pun! It burns!

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