Pictonaut Short Story Challenge: ‘The Tower on the Hill’…

What ho! June has Juned – it’s a real word, okay. Accept it – and summer has arrived. I’m about to go on a summer working holiday and had, thus, decided not to contribute to this month’s Pictonaut challenge. That’s okay, except I’m a liar who changes his mind a lot. Today I woke up and thought, “Yeah, I’m gonna pump out a Wordascope! Yeah!

The Tower on the Hill. Let me roll out a story about the Tower on the Hill…

This month, Sir John Steele picked an evocative photograph of a tower on a hill for the Pictonaut challenge. I decided it’d be a good opportunity to take one of my new writing ideas for ride and use the image as a base on which to test a fresh creative experiment. Keeping it simple – because more of these kind of stories are going to be coming out in the future – I’ve written a freeflow spontaneous tale on the fly that’s totally subject to the quirks of fortune and the chance falling of a die. It’s a little roleplaying or reading a Fighting Fantasy book except it’s a fictional writing exercise. I think I’m going to call this method ‘Dicewriting’ because that’s essentially what it is. I write then I present possibilities to myself to further the narrative. I roll a dice to decide what to do next. I write on in accordance with whatever’s rolled. I write and roll. I write and roll. I roll on and write on and it’s all made up as I go along.

It’s so much fun to do and it taps in to a lot of excited energy I’ve got about Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style tales I’ve got at the moment. Being involved with the crowdsourced saga of Jala, The Working Barbarian and seeing the work of Ryan North – I’ll be taking delivery of “To Be or Not to Be? That Is the Adventure” soon and I read an Adventure Time choosable-path comic by him that was ridonkulously brilliant – have inspired me. I want to write more of this kind of material and I figure that rolling out a few eclectic Choose-My-Own-Adventure threads will be enjoyable for me as an imaginative challenge and possibly entertaining for others to read.

Regardless, that’s the future when I’ve returned from my summer break. For now, here’s The Tower on the Hill as my Pictonaut piece for June and I genuinely wrote this this morning according to whatever the die decided. Enjoy…

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