Pictonaut Challenge: Audionaut Drowning in Sound Doodle…

Thwum. Thwum. Thwum. Thwuuuuuuuuuum…

Drum roll please. *Drum rolls and a cymbal crash* Thank you. Following up the Pictonaut story post of the other day, here’s an extra doodle…

An Audionaut drowning in sound...

An Audionaut drowning in sound…

These inky scribblings are the result of a convergence of several things. One: I haven’t done much drawing recently and need to get my sketchin’ fingers working again ahead of some projects (namely, teaching Italian children in interactive fashion and participating in a daily drawing challenge in August). Two: my Pictonaut story was very bleak and political and I wanted to produce something that celebrated aural love and imaginative escapism as well. John Steele’s piece does that and I direct you over to his site where you can find details about the monthly Pictonaut challenge from the High Priest himself. Three: I seem to spend a lot of time with headphones on submerging myself in soundscapes and at the moment my mind is mainly swimming through Random Access Memories. I’m all about electro-sensory stimulation: hence this quick tech-sketch.

Now, back to riding those basslines, feeling the beats and tuning into to the pure electric energy and harmonious melodic spirit through my plugged-in headphones…

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