Homespun Threads Anthology: a Lot of Fairytale Wonder at Little Price…

Fair morning to ye, fair faerie folk! Here’s a brief post to push something on you which I hope doesn’t come across as hard sell. Please, accept this as a friendly soft sell (not Soft Cell) and accordingly act upon my words and go and invest in something that’s a bit special.

That thing that’s a bit special is the Homespun Threads: A Patchwork of Fairytales anthology. It’s an eBook of 35 stories written by an array of excellent writers to raise extra funds for the Homespun Theatre company. This weekend they’re performing their children’s theatre show East of the Sun, West of the Moon at the Rondo Theatre in Bath and here’s a blogpost written by anthology editor/company publicity guru Ali George with further details. Put simply, money raised from the eBook sales helps them make more theatre.

But why should I spend money on an eBook of fairytales?” you may protest as you look up from the digi-reader-device that was not absorbing your full attention anyway. (You’re reading 50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey in public. Tsssk. Have you no shame?) Because! Because of all the reasons Ali listed in that link! And to add my own reasons: Because fairytales are timeless and this particular collection of faerie tale-esque stories is particularly superb. Excellent writers have produced a wonderful array of fantastical threads and I do believe that there’s something for everyone and every mood in the mix.

A brief skip through some of the treasures you’ll find in the anthology: dragons; talking cats; sleeping giants; lost and vexed princesses; friendly selkies; dastardly witches; wise mirror men; cunning kings; aetherial dance parties; birch trees that want a career in BBC comedy; ditsy sheep; enchanted metamorphosis-inducing sticks; wax girls; a moon child; swooping snowbirds; and so much more. I’ve got a haiku verse story about a Japanese folk figure in there as well which you may like. If you don’t, there are 34 better alternatives on hand to excite your imagination. If you don’t buy it you’re missing out and you may be sorry later when a Scottish man comes to kiss your eyes as punishment for not reading his work.

What’s more – and this is the major incentive at this very moment –  the anthology is on sale. For the half-term weekend Homespun Threads: A Patchwork of Fairytales anthology is available for 99p in the several places it can be downloaded from (not including tax). That’s 35 short stories for under a pound. The correct response to this would be “I’d buy that for a dollar!” except you’re buying it for under a pound and if you’re paying in American dollars it’ll be $1.50. Even so, it’s a great deal for a great deal.

I encourage you to go forth, make your small purchase and immerse yourself in a rich myriad of marvellous tales. It’ll be good for children’s theatre and it’ll be good for your imagination…

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