The Working Barbarian Wanders On Towards the West…

Mighty titans of the cybermetaverse! Wanderers of the web wasteland! Travellers trekking across the terrifying realms of T’Interwebs! Lend me your ears or I will take from you by force and have a high time doing the bloody deed with the oversized obsidian bastard sword that was forged for me by a 563-year-old Krip’hlian Kobold armourer!

Now that you are all attention, behold The Life and Times of the Working Barbarian. Over on that blog, Jala’s journey is well under way and she’s opted to head West towards a mysterious settlement exactly as voters on the site instructed her to. The people spoke and it was then my task to take the story forward on this turn and write the next bit which is what I’ve done. I encourage you to go and take a read and have your say on what should happen next to Jala. The Great Magus John of Steele and the rest of us in the Working Barbarian band are frothing at the mouth (at least I am) and waiting on your whims. We’re eager to build up the mythos and fabricate flowing fiction that’s all wrapped up in ripple-effect and the decisions of others. We make the adventure as you make the adventure and all of us are having an adventure. Huzzah for adventure!

Go forth and immerse yourself in the barbarian saga that’s unravelling before your eyes. While you’re there, feel empowered to make a choice and dictate what happens next. It’ll give you a powertrip moment and will effect the fate of Jala in instalments to come. Enjoy and choose wisely, or else you’ll have to answer to an oversized obsidian bastard sword…

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