Pictonaut Screenplay Challenge for April: ‘To Battle with the Big Cat’…

Wraaaaargh!” A guy on the internet asked me to show him my war face so, duly, there it is. Yeah, performance under pressure is not conducive to the creation of the most convincing war face. I’m sorry. Next time it’ll be more impressive. I swear: in real war life-and-death circumstances my war face is fearsome. Apache attack copters turn and flee from my warface, comrades. Believe it…

Regardless, the man who challenged me was Eminent Overbeast John Steele who excels as a goddamn war hero because he’s a guy who galvanises writing action. As well as being the ringraider of The Working Barbarian – which you should vote on, because I’ve got to write the next part of the journey based on the path you pick for our hero, Jala – the Steele Magus calls us to arms for the monthly Pictonaut challenge. Same objective: an image is presented and writers have to knock out a short story based on said image. I like doing this and liked the look of April’s chosen inspirational artpiece

“Office Warfare” by Rhys Owen.

It’s an illustration of a damn stylish leopard soldier by Welsh designer Rhys Owens. It’s got a feel of Full Metal Jacket about it and, feeling that feel and getting a Bravest Warriors power animal vibe, I decided to do something a bit different instead of writing a short prose story. I opted to tackle it as a script-writing exercise and do it as a screenplay for a short-film or single film sequence. Consider it a first draft, bare on technical detail and ultimately me fleshing out (furring out) an imagined world into a single scenario as I practice a writing format I’m eager to work on and improve. Feel free to pass on feedback, pointers or – on the off-chance that there may be inspired filmmakers with CGI-skills out there reading this –  go ahead and shoot it as a real thing.

My Pictonaut effort for April, then, is titled To Battle with the Big Cat and I hope people get a kick out of reading the script

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  1. Office Warfare | The Rogue Verbumancer


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