Mass-Mastermind of the Hieroglyph, Awesome Utopian Future…

I am very much interested in science fiction. I am very much interested in visualising bright futures. Thus, I am very much interested in and excited about The Hieroglyph Project.

In brief, it’s an online space devoted to discussing the future with the aim of advancing progress and making the world a better place in years to come. People from a wide-range of backgrounds and areas of expertise can pitch optimistic ideas, debate possibilities and try and work out how we can move forward and make the utopian visions in our individual minds an actual shared reality. Science fiction speculation becoming science fact in the future, basically. A free think tank/brainstorm cloud in cyberspace led by the Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination.

Convinced by an explanatory article that it could be a very cool website to engage with, I immediately registered as was given the ‘all clear’ for membership. Now I – an enthusiastic science fiction fan but a complete amateur and novice when it comes to science fact – can talk to experts or at least observe their conversations. I can start dialogues with them if I wish but mainly, I’m eager to simply sit back and absorb their expertise and seek to learn off the community. I dig sci-fi films and novels and am always asking: “Why can’t we make that happen in this reality?” I watch the news and think “Why aren’t we using technology or the wisdom and skill of the most intelligent and inventive humans on the planet to resolve these probems?

Maybe now I and others will get some answers or at least get fresh, enlightened approaches to difficult, anxiety-inducing issues. I want to help generate solutions and create a better world and I feel that this fresh online initiative can help people achieve that. It also, undoubtedly, will enable me to expand my mind and interact with some of the most inventive and smart minds on the web.

First impressions suggest that Hieroglyph is both stimulating and fun and that it has the potential to be a fruitful, inspiring forum. If anyone wishes to join me there to explore and attempt to get their head around possible progressive futures inspired by sci-fi fantasies and the knowledge of adroit users, I can send you an invite.

Back to reading science fiction and imagining awesome, optimistic futures…

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  1. … and it’s offline.

    Boo! Sun Devils suck!

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