The End of the Alternate Reality News Service…

Way back on August 28th 2012 A.D. in this current reality from which I’m writing I initiated the ‘Meanwhile, in an alternate reality…’ Tumblr blog. Given the power to gaze into parallel dimensions, I thought I’d use my gift to share the news and current affairs of other paradigms of existence with internet users on this particular version of Earth. I didn’t plan to do it for long but, as ever, I have a tendency to get carried away.

Next thing I knew I was months down the line consistently broadcasting daily news bulletins. Some people enjoyed the service, which was cool, and I personally got in touch with incredible visions of other ways of life. Alternate histories raised their head. I came to face startling scientific and technological advancementsutopian societies and dystopian nightmares. I experienced a myriad of weird and wonderful sociocultural traditions, beliefs, political issues, burning questions and so on. It all overwhelmed me, inspired me and intrigued me as more and more and so much more came forth on a daily basis. Glimpses of a Universe that had evolved differently kept hitting me and, altogether, I got a constant  reminder that the infinite Universes out there are beautifully diverse and fascinating to contemplate.

I dug it all and it blew my mind over and over. Subsequently, I had a lot of fun re-writing it all up as digestible news beats to share. Alas, nothing lasts forever and I’ve decided it’s time to call time on the service. Having hit the nice number of 222 updates I’m going to stop the news feed for now (at least in this reality). It’s true that similar broadcasts are continuing in parallel strains of existence and, of course, I may reboot it in our future but for now: halt. All good things must end and life is transient. I will devote all my energies to other brainmelting, awe-inspiring ideas but I’ll retain my interest in all the cosmic metaphysical wonder and ensure I keep in sync with alternate realities.

Thank you for reading and, please, make sure that blowing your own mind and considering the fantastical outside of your own quotidian existence is a daily exercise. The Universes are infinite. Enjoy exploring them

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